Time In Essence      The Bible, in Genesis, refers to the creation of the Universe within the time span of 7 days, but the identification of  time is human origin. God has no need for time; it is both yesterday and today to Him. The future is happening, happened, and will continue to happen for Him. There are no restrictions of time for its author within His world.  Let’s say I write a story about Jane, and in this story Jane is eating a bowl of cereal, but then I get interupted with a phone call for several hours. In my story Jane is frozen in time eating her cereal as I go about my phone call. When I return to Jane, I, as the author, have the option to return to her eating her cereal or go to before or after the time she was eating her cereal. This, as in many markers in life, is just an analogy, if it helps, use it; if it doesn’t help, leave it alone (Interesting C.S. Lewis’ paraphrased processing). Time is conceived to help us as a people identify and calculate, which is why six billion years could be as 7 days or 100 billion years to God operating outside of time.

Blessings and Peace,