The Power Of The Psalm

                 Dietrich Bonhoeffer described the Psalm as “pure grace that God tells us how we can speak and have fellowship with Him.” In the Psalm we find a connection to Christ in its fulfillment. It is only in Christ that every Psalmist discovers the answer to their petition or the illumination of their request. Praying the Psalms is not only powerful, it is also existential. In praying the Psalms we feel the Holy Spirit integrating the unspeakable with spoken word. This can be seen in Paul’s declaration to the Romans in chapter 8, verses 26-27. In our weakness the Holy Spirit speaks to God on our behalf with groans deeper than words. When we pray we come into the presence of God through Christ in humility; a humility that could extend from weakness and depression, guilt and confusion, or maybe even faith and love, or joy and reverence. The Psalm is our way to express that which cannot be felt or understood during our time of uncertainty and misdirection. We find certainty and direction in Christ being the fulfillment of the Psalm, and we pray the Psalm to find our way to understanding the hope and peace we can have in that knowledge.

Blessings and Peace,