Who Am I?

painting by Justin Morris (cui.edu)Who am I? This has been a constant question throughout my life. At times, I have found systemic answers through solidarity with friends of similar interest, but I find this new identity seems to cloud my true self within the context of mutual appreciation. As a bodily member of the community of believers that maintain Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah, I do resonate the desparate cry of all creation in its awaiting for the children of God to be revealed in the transformation that is to take place for us all in the Parousia (Rom. 8:19-22). But, who am I? We who have been sealed by the Holy Spirit, that is the blessing and promise of God’s covenant with His people, await the fulness of God’s kingdom and His presence that will come in the Parousia. God’s presence will infuse all of creation, the souls of those who have died will return to renewed/transformed bodies, and those who are living will be transformed from perishabe to imperishable. Even here and now the Holy Spirit gives us the power to say ‘No’ to sin, and ‘Yes’ to ethical and moral responsibilities in the covenantal relationship with Him. In the Holy Spirit, we make ourselves slaves to God because we are being fused with Christ  just as the Kingdom of God is overlapping with this present age. But, who am I? I often find encouragement and solace in maintaining who I am in, and to whom I belong.  In the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “I do not know who I am, but I know I belong to you God.” Praise be to God who makes us His people by establishing His promises through His Holy Spirit given to us!

Blessings and Peace,